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Iron Monkey Movie Download In Mp4

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A martial artist/doctor steals from the corrupt authorities as a masked thief to give to the poor while another martial artist/doctor is forced to hunt him down. But a major threat unites them as a po

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original title: Iron Monkey

genge: Action,Crime,Drama

imdb: 7.5

duration: 1h 25min

tags: Sometimes the only way to become a hero is to be an outlaw

budget: $11,000,000

keywords: shaolinmonk, monk, ironmonkey, woodenplatform, outnumbered, fathersonrelationship, medicine, poisoned, wongfeihong, violence, stylizedviolence, martialartsmaster, martialartist, kungfu, kungfufighting

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A martial artist/doctor steals from the corrupt authorities as a masked thief to give to the poor while another martial artist/doctor is forced to hunt him down. But a major threat unites them as a powerful and traitorous shaolin monk takes over the authorities. A Hong Kong variation on Robin Hood. The corrupt officials of a Chinese village are continually robbed by a masked bandit know as "Iron Monkey" named after a benevolent deity. When all else fails, the Govenor forces a traveling physician (Donnie Yen) into finding the bandit. The arrival of an evil Shaolin monk, brings the Physician and Iron Monkey together to battle the corrupt government. Bruce Lee was cool...no shirt, ripped, sweaty, doing all his own tricks. Jackie Chan is cool like Bruce, not ripped but funny and inventive. "Crouching Tiger..." was cool (even though no one understood it) because of the lyric beauty and Peter Pan Fu. "Iron Monkey", however, is a state-of-the-art regurgitation of all the bad Chinese Kung Fu flicks to ever come out of Hong Kong with some of the "Crouching Tiger..." flying Ninja stuff tossed in. Hmmm...what a bad idea. Another brain fart from the T-man. Pass on this lame one unless you're a total martial arts freak. Iron Monkey, first I'd like to say that this is a Comicbook Martial Arts movie, in the tradition of movies like 'Jet Li's Black Mask. This is NOT Crouching Tiger, they are completely different genres (the former a comicbook martial arts film, the latter a fantasy/drama martial arts film..)..

What you should expect; A high flying comicbook brought to life, with corny dialogue, and thank god, no english dubbing.

Dialogue; Cheesy and sometimes humourous, but you don't come to a movie like this for dialogue.

Plot; Simplistic, one of two elements may resemble Crouching Tiger, like the Doctor and his girl resembling Chow Yung Fat and his wannabe mate, but overall, its typical comicbook fare. Oppression, hero spawned from both that and the fact that his father was murdered by a sect of shaolin monks. In some ways, its a supped up set in china Batman, but with more of a Robin Hood flavour to him. So, the govener of the province is trying to catch the hero at all costs, so he rounds up any suspicious characters around town, including a new arrival and his son. When the new arrival reveals who he is, a famous warrior from the North, the govener takes his son hostage and tells him to go hunt down the hero.

Martial Arts; for the most part, this is top level, and the reason to see the film. There are a few too many slow downs in some parts, like the final battle scene, but overall, I was very satisfied with the result.

FINAL WORD; If you are a fan of cool martial arts, and don't mind it exaggerated some for a more comicbook like effect, this is one of the better productions out there. Camera work's decent, story moves at a fair pace, and there's plenty of action, so if the above sounds like something you'd appreciate, go see it, but don't look for something more than it is, otherwise you won't enjoy it. A rollicking, comic-book Robin Hood plot and more furiously entertaining fight scenes than the ones in Ang Lee's solemn martial-arts art movie. Moreover, there are many little cuts regarding plot or comedy scenes because one had thought it would be too much for a Western audience. Business as usual so to speak. This affects some shorter scenes during a fight sequence as well.


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